Ethical Principles of a dancer

Do not compare yourself with others or let beauty standards dictate how You Should Be.
Respect your body: it contains life energy. It is not fair to punish it with an excessive lifestyle.
Be grateful and listen when experience and sincerity are the motivation behind ideas or advice.
Pass your knowledge on with love but be modest with compliments.
Rest when needed. Eat properly. Do not poison your body with unnatural elements as alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs. A dull your mind will cloud your art.
Dance with the love of art.
Trust the spiritual principles of all time. Give a few minutes to meditation, study or training every day, you will find the unique message in each dance.
Do not fool yourself thinking you can cheat a non-dancing audience. The truth stands out, even in the chaos of easy opportunism.
Stay away from comfort, procrastination, aggression, lying, coveting, they are vain and fleeting. Art as an expression of being is lasting, enabling one to transcend everyday live and dive in the ocean of Beauty.
Never forget your teacher or your teachers. You may find inspiration in the example of the famous, you get there through the artistic craftsmanship of your teachers.
Do not forget that money is neither good nor bad, it’s an exchange medium. Underestimate nor overestimate its power. If it’s the sole way to feel valued, you will end up feeling poor.
Start every day grateful to be alive, for the opportunity to improve yourself.
Recognizes and supports the artistic work that truly strive. At any time you may give them lessons of honesty, excellence, merit, good work.
Learn to be discreet and tolerant. Inner silence will help you get there.
There is no self-discipline without sacrifice. Discipline is harmony. There is no valid excuse not to do your artwork. Roads open those who ‘deciding to do’.
Occasionally stop to see where you are. If you encounter difficulties or have a negative experience, learn. Immediately turn the page to start again with greater strength and inspiration. Great artists emerge from the ashes thousandfold.